The bustling vibe in Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta- a fragrant flower on Vietnam’s tourist map

The Mekong Delta is a huge amaze of interconnecting rivers, swamps, and islands with a long and colorful history. It’s extremely difficult to decide how to do in here. So the below list of top unique activities in Mekong Delta will open a new world in front of your...

Tra On floating market

Floating market – the cultural gem of the Mekong Delta

It’s not exaggerated to say in the floating markets lie the outstanding beauty of the Mekong Delta. Because of the dense rivers and canals system, the locals’ lifestyle is mostly on water. They eat, sleep, cook and exchange goods right on the rudimentary boats. If you...


An enchanting excursion with Can Tho Cruise

Taking the various waterways – the traditional transport routes of the Mekong Delta River should be the most stunning way to observe the hustle and bustle on the rivers and canals to feel Can Tho and the Mekong Delta at their fullest charm. Mekong Eyes Cruise A...


Explore and Enjoy fruits in mekong delta

Mekong delta is one of the most favourite destinations with travelers when they come to Vietnam. This potential tourism place has a typical natural landscapes, including mainly delta and sea. Mekong delta is really a poetic and romantic wetland and it is very famous for...


How to explore the beauty of the Mekong River

Flowing almost 5,000 km through six countries: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and China, the mighty Mekong River cruises is one of the most impressive waterways on the planet.The Mekong River has long been enchanting travelers all over the world for not only...