A unique cafe in Hoian for you to visit

Interesting experience in Hoian you must try

Hoian Ancient Street is compared with a quiet and poetic painting. Despite the day or night, this city also has unique beauty which can’t be denied. Besides the precious values of material culture such as architecture, Hoian contains a huge amount of spiritual culture....

In November, the climate in Hoi An is wet

Hoi An’s weather in November

Hoi An City, which is typical for Vietnam’s tropical climate, has warm weather all year around with the mean temperature of 29 degrees Celsius. Instead of four seasons like in Northern Vietnam, the city only has two main seasons: dry and rainy seasons. If you want to know...

Vivid life of people in Cai Rang floating market

5 destinations to explore for one day trips in Can Tho

Can Tho, the biggest city of Mekong Delta located in the South of Vietnam, has raised so much curiosity to travelers for its distinctive culture, simple-hearted people and a great diversity of local food. Tourists surely cannot help surprising at the beauty of fruitful...