The Most Beautiful Ancient House In Can Tho

To Bui Huu Nghia Street (Can Tho City), visitors easily recognize the Binh Thuy ancient house lying peacefully in the blooming garden … This is the house bearing bold French architecture has been classified by the national level, which is also a rare ancient model, is preserved intact to help understand the life and culture of the southwestern residents in the middle of two centuries. jayavarman cruise mekong

Binh Thuy ancient house was built by the Duong family in 1870 and is currently led by Mr. Duong Minh Hien – the sixth descendant with his family. Stepping through the fortified concrete and iron fence gates in the style of the French mansion, visitors feel like they are lost in a special space: idyllic but close, modern but still not lost in the scene.

The beautiful Binh Thuy ancient house
The beautiful Binh Thuy ancient house- source: internet

The gate connects the main house with a large red brick yard and grows many orchids and ornamental plants. It is known that the fifth generation descendants of the Duong family are flower lovers, so have left the collection of many varieties of orchids. He also organized community gatherings, gathering hobbyists to exchange experiences and enjoy these. Thanks to that, the place is also famous for its beautiful orchid garden. That is also the reason why Binh Thuy ancient house called Binh Thuy orchid garden. The yard leads onto the main house through four stairs, two arched stairways leading up to the middle compartment and two straight stairs leading to the two adjacent stairs. As soon as standing on the steps, visitors are given the most glimpse of exquisite sculptures, meticulous with arched door, wooden doors and iron, above decorate many beautiful embellished patterns cool. Mekong delta cruises

The gorgeous garden in front of Binh Thuy house
The gorgeous garden in front of Binh Thuy house- source: internet

Step into the ancient house of Binh Thuy, the first feeling is to see the cool foot. Although the house has no fan or air conditioning, the heat of the western sun is left in the yard. It is because the house was designed with a system of many doors and windows, the platform is about one meter higher than the platform should be more airy. Ngo Ngoc Lien, the sixth daughter of the Duong family, said that the floor at the beginning of the building has been treated by the owner to resist moisture by spraying more than 10cm of salt in the substrate. The whole paved floor of red and black roses was imported from France to that time. Especially, although the house has many French architectural features, the decor is still Vietnamese style. The most important place in the middle of the house is the altar of lacquered ancestors, golden lace, church bed, mahogany bed is also made of nacre wood with engraved carvings exquisite theme of the people of the region.

Architecture inside Binh Thuy house
Architecture inside Binh Thuy house- source: internet

The ancient house of Binh Thuy is also home to valuable treasure archives with many items are handed down many generations such as six rows of black iron ball, two sets of tables and chairs originated from Yunnan (China) with Marble surface, blue vein; French saunas from the 15th century, 18th century chandeliers …

Besides, Binh Thuy ancient house is also known as a very charming place with seventh art. This modern, luxurious space has become the backdrop for many successful episodic films in the country, such as Tay Do beauty, The Road to Alluvium, etc…, Especially the movie Lover – a film of famous French cinema. Many visitors, especially foreign visitors to the Duong family visit to see the film, so that they want to first find out, explore the context that the filmmakers choose.

The house appeared in famous French movie, The Lover
The house appeared in famous French movie, The Lover- source: internet

The land of “pure white rice” has a few dozen old houses, but Binh Thuy ancient house still emerged as a symbol of architecture mixed styles of culture in the East and West. With its unique beauty and value, this place has become an unforgettable destination for thousands of visitors in the year when it comes to Can Tho. Although preserved and managed well by the owners, Binh Thuy ancient houses still need the attention and support of the local authorities, so that the value and vitality of the relics are promoted substainably.

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