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Cambodia honeymoon – Over thousands of years of history, Angkor Wat has been one of the destinations attracting tourists to visit in their honeymoon. As natural wonders of the world, Angkor Wat is also the place where preserves the historical value of the empire of ancient Champa Kingdom. A mysterious curtain will be pulled up if you touch the masterpieces of art in Angkor. You will experience a period of Cambodian honeymoon while coming back to the daily life scenes, the festival of the Cambodia people as well. Cruise Mekong river

Historical value of the empire of ancient Champa Kingdom
Historical value of the empire of ancient Champa Kingdom

Angkor temple was built in the ninth century including: Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom – architectural masterpieces exquisitely carved. Angkor Wat is located to the west of Cambodia with the width of 200 hectares and has up to 4 ground floors. With the higher – the dwindle style, Angkor Wat reflects the visual of “Mount Meru universe” of India. Visit Cambodia with Cambodia and Holidays

 Angkor Wat, the visual of "Mount Meru universe" of India
Angkor Wat, the visual of “Mount Meru universe” of India

When traveling Cambodia followed our tours, you are prioritized to pay the cheaper price. And we sure to bring you full feelings of life, happy honeymoon with your partner while sightseeing the Angkor Wat in bright sunlight or watching the sunset from the top of Angkor Thom, vowing hundred – year oath together. And your vows will be conveyed to the majestic temple where the earth can bless with love for you. A lot of young couples travelling to Cambodia only want to do this, to vow together on top of Angkor Wat, the most mysterious Natural which witnesses and blesses their both love.

Happy honeymoon in sunset
Happy honeymoon in sunset

Phnom Penh capital with a plenty of exciting things are waiting for you to explore. There are also many other unique landscapes such as the Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda and special cultural bazaar of local people. You will be attended traditional wedding ritual, incarnate the character as a royal prince, princess and enjoy special dishes which are very strange and unique such as fried scorpions, spiders fried, crispy fried crickets, etc. To finish a day, you will rest at a luxury hotel among gentle and quiet atmosphere of the capital that make sure to help dispel the fatigue of long trips. What a meaningful honeymoon!

A lot of exiting activities
A lot of exiting activities

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