Sa Dec Noodles – thing to eat with flavor of Mekong delta in Vietnam

Noodle dish is popular with many southerners. However, many diners interesting dishes, flavor countryside must mention this special dish.

Besides rice-noodle brand Tho, nine dragon lands exist other rice-noodle brand infatuation hearts – rice noodles. Sweet fragrant rice noodles in this town. Indochina travel Vietnam

An attractive dish
An attractive dish

Noodles fiber is made ​​from rice flour, milk white. It were big, soft fiber, moderate toughness and not friable. When swallowed, if you look closely you will see stem sweet flavored noodles.

To eat this type of noodles, customers can call the meat, bone dry or preferences. Meat and bone are processed in this article remain soft, delicious. Soup is available spices like MSG, sugar, salt … that is tunnel from pork bones.

Steaming bowl of noodle of their orders, as well as at the customers took a deep breath to feel the taste of food in the air dryer. In the bowl of noodles, meat apart with your stomach, heart, liver … To enjoy and feel the flavor blending in the mouth, many people can put more fish sauce, soy sauce, or little vinegar, chili with live prices. Mekong river cruise Vietnam

It is delicious
It is delicious

 First rice-noodle strands. If rice-noodle strands featuring My Tho small stems, slender, you often see the thread white this rice-noodle to “score points” with prosecutors, with milky white as rice. Shaping was strange, even more stranger when enjoying the feeling of soft chewy, slightly crunchy and the sweetness remains that people do not think about stopping chopsticks. Broth of rice noodles for this kind of feeling also different. It does not have a sweet taste is enhanced by the accompanying materials or by glutamate which is the sweet dark tunnel of water is 100% from pork bones. Thus, only the broth, this dish has owned one of the broth “king”, again combined with rice-noodle stemmed fresh bread makes a person not to miss either forbid water spoon or yarn final. But not just like that, the broth of the dish also noted in the limpid and processing techniques so that the quality and taste from bowl to bowl every last open almost simultaneously.

A type of this dish – use individual broth
A type of this dish – use individual broth

For dry noodles, not to mention typical sauce accompanied. Yarns are egg noodles (blanching) so long, for a few slices of meat, liver, shrimp, hard, chives price above and sour sauce up. Finally it is indispensable for putting chopped salad and onion on the surface. When carrying out dry noodles, diners also add a cup of broth next to eat and enjoy this dish.

If you want to enjoy this type of noodles, you should pass many shops at Lu Gia.

I Love Vietnam.

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