Things to do at night in Saigon, Vietnam

Saigon has always been a city that never sleeps. In this land, just in case you are one who is prefer to go home before 9 or you … are sick, but Saigon never detract from the pleasure of endless nights recorded for anyone, any public interest. Whether you prefer the desert night cup of coffee and a few gossip, or you love the walks wind damage on Nguyen Hue windy, or you own a vibrant night, colored in music cornered stamping. Saigon has enough space, enough fun to keep you. Vietnam Cultural Highlights

There are some place you should come to see the night in Saigon:

  1. Walking at Nguyen Hue street:

Confined in a long time to build and just opened earlier this year, but walk Nguyen Hue Street did not disappoint the people of Saigon.

Very fast, modern neighborhoods, large, luxury tiled with monumental fountains and the “view” this westernmost became gathering places for fresh air inside the No. 1 in youth, especially in night.

Nguyen Hue walking street
Nguyen Hue walking street

This walking street is airy, clean and extreme western view that walking street quickly became a hot place in Saigon. Every night has gathered, singing happy sun burst in the area. Vietnam travel tours

  1. Coffee 24/7:

Saigon is known as the city that never sleeps. One official in Saigon, and they need a place to awake, to work, to talk throughout the night. There is necessary demand and the world is a nascent form of coffee: Café 24/7.

Heritage café
Heritage café

This movement was immediately hit the correct response because psychology of young people like to stay up late. Initially only one brand of coffee to go in this direction, now go anywhere, people easily catch figures 24/7 on flashing signs. Even the right to both imported coffee chain like The Coffee Bean has also already declared we are ready to serve coffee for you all night.

3. Watch as your own home cinema: Although many places on the Saigon security dissipated but actually just around the food, drink, coffee, movies … To the cinema has never lost its position in the list of young people loiter. Prior demand “game night”, the theaters are adding showings until 1 am, even as of late, the fare is likely to be incentives. There are theaters even reduced to half the cost of water for corn last performance. Block mode with the traditional theater is full with hundreds of seats closely and teenager is back to look for mini home theater, terrace yard cinema or sweet box.

Terrace yard cinema
Terrace yard cinema

Typically may include mini cinemas, sweet box Liberty CGV, Lotte theaters or cinemas bed terrace of Le Cong Kieu Street.


I Love Vietnam.

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