Things to do in Con Dao Island

Con Dao Island is a group of islands on the Southern coast, which shelters a rich wildlife and ecosystem . Con Dao Island is also a place where you can enjoy the tropical weather, the ocean, the pool, the food . . . The island is mountainous and surrounded by turquoise water, so it is quite a chance of pace from downtown Saigon.

  1. Floating Fish Market 

They harvest their own clams and catch their own fish as well as buy directly from local fishing boats. Their baskets, featuring rock fish, clams, prawns and/or oysters are hand cut and breaded every day, as well as our clam chowder, every day from scratch, using nothing but the freshest ingredients. They also have a fresh fish case with only wild caught seafood to take home and cook yourself. Tours Indochina Vietnam

Floating fish market, Con Dao Island
Floating fish market, Con Dao Island

So come on down and see them in their floating fish market at the Con Dao Island. Probably make a short stop at a fish farm to observe daily life or just for you to have a peek into the basic living of the villagers.

  1. Sitting on the sea wall

Sitting on the sea wall is Unbelievable location overlooking  the ocean. Let’s  enjoy several meals here listening to the sea lapping up against the sea wall. Just kick back and relax on great atmosphere.

Sea wall, Con Dao Island
Sea wall, Con Dao Island
  1. The Con Dao Prison

Con Dao Prison is one of the most brutal prisons in the world. Existing in a relatively long period of time, this is one of the most vivid evidences of most cruel and fierce prison regime spanning the history of Vietnam War. This prison used to be dubbed “the living hell on earth”. But Con Dao nowadays has become a dreadful museum for people to visit. Mekong river tours Vietnam

The Tiger’s cage
The Tiger’s cage

The most famous site in this prison is “tiger’s cage”. The tiger cages were deliberately constructed away from the main prison, out of sight, and only accessed by an alleyway. These tiger cages are small basements built by stone with steel window on the top, with the aisles between basements for jailers and soldiers to guard and insult prisoners with dirty water and lime. On the other hand, they kept prisoners among animals with very poor conditions. Isolated and small, each character feels as if they are alone is a space like this (initially) until they find each other.

Nowadays, rather than wanting to escape, Con Dao now is an island of immense natural beauty with forested hills, deserted sandy beaches and extensive coral reefs making for some excellent diving.

I Love Vietnam.

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