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When visiting Mekong Delta, travelers should also enjoy the dish had the countryside in order not to regret it because most of them are rustic dishes, delicious, incredibly attractive, such as mouse food copper salt roasted peppers, fish sauce pot spirituality, trui fish, gourami fried … And with each region, each province has its own characteristics delicious dishes created alternating Western cuisine famous tourism known, such as when to Ha Tien, visitors can enjoy seafood cake soup noodle Ha Tien or steamed dishes; to Can Tho, tourists can enjoy a fragrant noodle Tho … very attractive to make visitors feel more comfortable. Indochina tours Vietnam

Surfing the boat
Surfing the boat

Coming to travel is to travel west of orchards, come with the typical waterways of Southwest region , to the historic cultural and natural landscapes . You will be immersed in the beautiful scenery, the annual festival, the lush fruit still on the tree, rare bird watching, traveling on boats characteristic of the western provinces in Vietnam.

By the way the West Village, guests will feel the atmosphere quiet, peaceful and tranquil life, passing by the immense plains, rivers are seen the west in Vietnam. Mekong river cruise

Going into the gardens , guests will enjoy the fruits remain on the stem , with full popular fruits like plum , jackfruit , grapes , … Fishing boats along the canal below , to enjoy comfort , peace and airy.

Each province has some famous tourist destinations, here is an overview of the famous attractions of each province.

An Giang Tourism is known for its tourist attractions and famous, such as mountain box mountain sam, the festival attracts many visitors every year as the festival of Ba Chua Xu , cow racing festival seven mountains.

“Ba Chua Xu” festival
“Ba Chua Xu” festival

Bac Lieu Tourism: Speaking to Bac Lieu many will think of anecdotes about famous dandy swell throughout South America Continent province at that , then welcome to visit the Prince of Bac Lieu, in addition to some famous places as neck labels on centennial garden, Bac Lieu bird garden, temple Uncle Ho …

Bird Garden
Bird Garden

Ben Tre which is known as coconut , because Vietnam ‘s largest coconut plantations , in addition to many other orchards in all cities and districts of the province , concentrated in two districts of Chau Thanh and Cho Lach. Also, Ben Tre has many historical, cultural, and tourist sites attractions.

Ca Mau is great potential for eco-tourism. Wild natural landscape pristine very romantic and ancient cultural tourism, to soil Ca Mau is a milestone to the end of the country, to the vast carpet of mangroves reach deep blue to the sea.

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