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Laos is considered a haven of peace, friendliness and hospitality, a country where calm to the capital and in quiet but it is the way to home to the highest density of cars in the world, a land brought in the occult lore and mystery. Journey to Laos , South Land Buddhism , you will immerse yourself in a healthy atmosphere , enjoy traditional cuisine such as grilled chicken bamboo tube, three aspects papaya salad , crunchy cruise on the Mekong River and nibbling Lao beer cups – feel the gentle friendly people of the land of a million elephants. Mekong river cruise


With ancient cuisine with culture and customs of people in Asia, Laos cuisine in Mekong has similarities with neighboring countries. However, at the hands of the people processed here, the dish has distinct flair. Many travelers go to Laos tour amazed at the dishes seemed very simple, could bring the taste, great feeling to it. Indochina holidays Laos

Each dish Laos, name or flavor is made of manners, opinions, closeness and affection full of people here. You can choose the dishes away, noodle Laos, river moss, grilled chicken, Greek … from anywhere in the land of a million elephants. Eat and feel the spread of emotional flavor that blends in Laos gentleness and kindness made. Then when the country is away, in the heart of each person want to come back.

  1. Laos sticky rice:

 Sticky rice is an important food daily from Laos in Mekong. During the banquet, family meals, people often eat away Laos. Today, many families have a habit of eating rice but not much. Laos is made from sticky rice cultivated on upland glutinous should stick and puree, very beautiful ivory. Laos flung flexible, delicious, impressive In Laos, very few black or multi-colored sticky like some water. Lao people eat sticky rice with grilled chicken, boiled vegetables and “precarious deck” – delicious sauce seasoning sauce similar in Vietnam. Sticky rice is packed in bamboo baskets, should be attractive aroma. When to Laos, you can eat away at the bars or restaurants for around.

Sticky rice
Sticky rice
  1. “Lap”:

When it comes to food, it can not fail to mention the Greek cuisine. This is a popular dish in all regions of Laos and be blessed with good luck wishes of householders sent to guests.


Laos Greek dishes are made to express blessings of luck to make dish Raw guests can use beef, pork, chicken … mixed with chopped liver and spices such as lemon juice, chilli, galangal, Hearing sticky. Once mixed, Greek dishes will served as lettuce fish salad, lettuce, string beans … all blended together create extremely attractive aroma. The sourness of lime juice, spicy chili, aroma of spices … will give you an unforgettable experience. In large or small restaurant in Laos are selling Greek dishes for about 30,000 kip / dish (about 60,000 VND/ plate).

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