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April 8, 2024

I came across Indochina Voyages during my research for our trip to Vietnam. As the reviews were excellent, I contacted them for help with an itinerary.

Minh returned my email query promptly. The itinerary he sent covered the specific sights we wanted to see, the level of accommodations we preferred, and the pace we wanted. It provided details on daily activities and travel times and links to hotels. I only had to make a couple of adjustments to a perfect itinerary. Minh’s communications covered absolutely everything from guidelines on how and when to fill out the visa form, what to pack, and the immunizations we’d need to other essential information like currency exchange, how much to tip, and the best places to order my custom leather jacket while in Hoi An!
The true value of partnering with Indochina Voyages comes through once you arrive. We don’t usually use a tour company, but a private tour appealed to us as this was our first trip to SE Asia.

Aside from having everything handled, our guides and drivers were wonderful. We learned a lot, ate exceptional food, and saw not just the key sights, but much of the countryside. Our guides were very organized – on our first packed day in Hanoi I mentioned that I wanted to experience the train that runs through the city street – so closely that you can touch it as it goes by. Our guide Dan said no problem and got us to a great viewing area about 5 minutes before the train came without disrupting our itinerary. It was great fun and after hearing how long other tourists had to sit around to wait for the train, I appreciated his savvy timing. In Hoi An, the purchase of our leather goods meant we had to use another duffle bag. When our guide Kent saw the additional bag on our way to the airport, he alerted us that Vietnam Airlines only allows 1 bag per passenger for domestic flights and we had three bags for two people. We were a bit panicked but he assured us he’d figure out a way to get the bags on the flight. It took a few minutes of discussion at check in, but the airline accepted the bag and all was well.

Minh checked on us throughout the trip but I also realized that he was regularly checking in with the guides and hotel staff as well, just to ensure all was going smoothly – which is was.

Lastly, I really appreciated the attention that was paid to hotel room selection. At each city, my husband and I looked at each other and said, our room is in the PERFECT location!

I can’t recommend Minh and Indochina Voyages highly enough!

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