Luxury Cruise Mekong is a dedicated site and exclusive operation of Indochina Voyages Travel Company Limited which aims to survey the fine & luxury cruising and trans the Mekong for cruise lovers. Inherited the sales power of our exquisite cruise experts, the good contract rates from the holding Indochina Voyages to obtain, we can beat other same industry providers in offering you a tempting cruise while the price is of much cost-save. We are able to do that since we listen well to you and strictly follow our four key pillars in dealing with and offering services to our customers. 

Good price: Determined to be the one-stop-shop cruise provider that you can not turn down, it’s our priority to offer you the best price possible per service, ensuring that, in the long run, we can look forwards to target huge sales volume

Attentiveness: Since you are our valued customers and, as holidaymakers, we want to take the best care of you during your comfortable stay. Not only are you potential for a repeat visit but we understand that good word of mouth will only happen if we have done an excellent job.

Professionalism: No hidden costs, no over advertising. What you see in our offer is what you are going to get; our experienced sales team will get back to you in under 24 hours with straight-to-the-point answers and will far exceed your expectations.

Easy & safety: Once you trust us to be your service provider, we offer you flexible ways of payment that suit you best. In case of payment through credit card online method, we hooked with the verified Visa pay gate to handle the transaction with the highest level of safety.

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