Best fruits in the Mekong Delta

The friendly people, the less-touristy cities, the abundance of river waters and the freshly grown tropical fruits are all that the Mekong Delta provides to treat travelers. The latter is well worth indulging in. For those who want to learn more about the amazing food of Vietnam, let’s check it out!  Indochina travel agency

Xoài (mango) is favorite fruit in Mekong Delta

Hoa Loc mango
Hoa Loc mango-source:

Although you can find a wide variety of mangoes in Vietnam, Hoa Loc mango from the Mekong Delta, which was originally grown in a small commune formerly called as Hoa Loc in Tien Giang Province, may be the most famous. Having an oval shape and light yellow skin when ripe, Hoa Loc mango often weighs 350-450 grams. Not only being sweet with nice fragrance, it also has smooth, bright yellow and firm flesh.

It is advisable to pick the fragrant ones, not the big ones when you buy mangos. And do not forget to wash and peel mango. Although being edible, the skin can be a bit chewy.

Măng cụt (mangosteen) is a delicious fruit


As having a purple hard rind, mangosteen, is actually called as purple mangosteen. Cracking open a mangosteen may be difficult to some people. Cutting it with a knife or softening the rind all around with your fingers and palms and then you can easily split it are two ways to do it. Make an incision along the equator is also not a bad idea, however, as you do not want to cut into the lovely, soft flesh inside, be careful. The only edible part of a mangosteen is this tangy and juicy white flesh. Although sometimes tasting a little sour, the flesh usually tastes sweet. Vietnamese people often consider buying mangosteen as buying lottery as you cannot make sure what you will get inside. However, they give you some useful tips. Pick the ones with fresh and green stems, which prove they are new, is one of them. Luxury Mekong river cruise

Sầu riêng (Durian)


Whether you love durian or not durian is not a fruit for everyone. Of course, you will worship it if you like this fruit. But you certainly have to cover your nose up whenever you see it if you do not.

What make this divisive fruit unique are the strangely gooey flesh and the distinctive smell. The durian having no or few seeds, a fresh, buttery color and the soft sweet flesh is the best one. Cai Mon and Ri 6, which come from Ben Tre and Vinh Long, from the Mekong Delta, are the most famous varieties.

Mít (Jackfruit) is good fruit for healthy

To nu jackfruit
To nu jackfruit-source:

Depending on the species, jackfruits, which contain a lot of calories and sugar, contain a little or a lot juice and have yellow and sweet pulp when they are ripe. In the Mekong Delta region, jackfruits without seeds are densely planted. Among many kinds of jackfruits in Vietnam, to nu jackfruits, which are small and come from a short tree, are the most famous ones.

As the thick and smooth flesh of ripe fruit is firmly stuck to the core, simply hold the core and pull it out when eating a jackfruit. In the south, from March to June is the harvest season of to nu jackfruits. There are some other species of jackfruits divided into two major groups: soft jackfruits with a lot of juice and soft flesh and hard jackfruits with crunchy and hard flesh.

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