Delicious cakes of the Mekong Delta

The various types of cakes with diversity in flavor and taste, which are not only delicious, good looking but also easy to find at reasonable price is one of the charms of the Mekong Delta. In any marketa in any provinces, in small restaurants and on the streets, you can find these dishes. Ho Chi Minh to Phnom Penh by boat

Are you curious about ©the best traditional cakes of Mekong Delta region which is praised by both domestic and oversea Vietnamese people?

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Bánh Pía, Pia pastry

Pia pastry
Pia pastry-source:

Being a specialty of Soc Trang province, Pia pastry is famous for its unique taste of salted yolk and sweet durian. Although having similar appearance to moon cake, Pia Pastry has the absolutely different taste. Appearing in Vietnam the first time in the 17th century, the pastry which offers a very special feeling: the slightly salty and greasy salted egg, the sweet aroma of durian flavor; the fleshy taro or mung beans and the soft, flexible crust is a harmonious combination of different materials.

Come to Soc Trang where there are noble brands such as Tan Hung and Tan Hue Vien if you want to buy best Pia Cake. With the price ranging from 50,000 to 150,000VND for one pack, you can enjoy many kinds of Pia Cake.

Bánh Ống, Tube cake

Tube cake
Tube cake-source:

This Khmer cake can be found anywhere in Mekong Delta region, this Khmer cake has originality in Tra Vinh and Soc Trang. Having the appearance like a small tube, it is called “banh ong”. This Khmer cake is made from rice and panda leaves with coconut and sesame salt. Before pressing tight to form the cake, they put the rice in a tube mould. You can try this street food in the market or on the road. Vietnam travel tours

Bánh Cống, Cong cake

Cong cake
Cong cake-source:

It is said that you can find the best Banh Cong in Dai Tam commune, My Xuyen district, Soc Trang province. Also being a Khmer food, Banh Cong has a cupcake shape, with brown crust and a fried shrimp on top and the height of 6cm, then served with fresh herbs and sauce. The inside contains minced meat and steamed green beans. Each cake costs you about 10,000VND.

Bánh Xèo, Sizzling pancake

Sizzling pancake
Sizzling pancake-source:

Also can be found in many provinces in the north Banh Xeo is a very famous cake of the Mekong Delta. The word ‘xeo’ in Vietnamese represents the sizzling sound you can hear when the paste of these pancakes hits the pan. The pancake includes turmeric powder, water and rice flour, water, stuffed with bean sprouts, diced green onion, shrimp and slivers of fatty pork.

Especially in Saigon at Ngoc Son restaurant, Long Huy restaurant, banh Xeo 46A and Muoi Xiem restaurant, you can enjoy banh xeo in many places.

Bánh Tổ Yến, Bird’s Nest cake

Bird’s nest cake
Bird’s nest cake-source:

The Bird’s Nest cake, whose name is from the resemblance of a bird’s nest from the outside shape, is one of many interesting traditional cakes of Vietnam. Mainly made of flour, coconut juice and egg, this cake used to be a very popular street snack on every street of Saigon. However, it is now very difficult to find a place that sells bird’s nest cake as the vendors selling these cakes have gradually disappeared over the past few years.

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