Life in South Vietnam

Southern is finally lands south of the country, located in the basin of the Dong Nai river and two Mekong, mainly downstream the two great rivers. So, life in South Vietnam is very interesting than you thought.

 Situated very close to the South China Sea, is a fertile delta with many estuaries to the sea. This has created a prosperous South, with so many legends of open land. Travel Indochina Vietnam

Sai Gon
Sai Gon – source:

Historical process of the South is different from other lands, it does not grow continuously, but was interrupted. Typically, in this land there was once the ancient kingdom of Southern culture once flourished. What people talk about the South today is often limited in scope in less than three hundred years. Vietnamese immigrants in the South could say started the war Trinh – Nguyen broke out and then the migration is actually at the beginning of the eighteenth century when Nguyen Nguyen seize power the North and calls for the rich people to exploit the land in Dong Nai, Gia Dinh. For several hundred years of shaping and development, the South has created their own cultural values ​​and spiritual material extremely rich, unique and a very own identity compared to other regions. Vietnam travel tours

People in Sai Gon
People in Sai Gon – source:

To mention a simple example, hitchhiker story (or stretch) is a very common thing. South of the vast river systems, transport mainly waterways. Therefore, someone put across rivers or through a strange boat sent to a distance is something very ordinary. Hitchhiker always been treated very fair, very impersonal as preferential meals boat owners can use utensils of the owner and of course when boat owners are tired the rider feel free paddle relay.

In a family, when you have guests at home are eating house, the landlord refused the invitation that guests are commonly understood as contempt landlord, was then fed into the trays should sit together to eat, dubbed the ” eat three seeds “sham to please all. As always, people always want to take the South what the most precious, the most beautiful in dealing with people with neighbors, friends and relatives around.

The old men
The old men – source:

Lavish spending is a trait often mentioned when people talk about the Southern way. Nature generously will also create generous man, one less worry for his life in tomorrow. Lifestyle habits that become a society, affecting everyone, even when the material life difficult. Farmers are exploited destitute, little hope becomes wealthier, it does not need to save, how much do spend to keep up. When falling into unemployment they can wake late into the night to drink and traditional music, do not care for life tomorrow.

Due to the topographic characteristics and economic activities, culture has shaped South River civilization, where food sources – food is rice, fish and vegetables including copper vegetables, wild vegetables. From the richness, abundance that he experienced during his career building reclamation, food and drinks daily from the South even in circumstances, lack frugally, or full ngue Crouching, they can not much explored and innovative farming methods and fished for processing numerous tidbit in a way that all copies of the local specialties.

Sauce noodle
Sauce noodle – source:

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