The Mekong-dreamlike area

The Mekong. It is an exotic name ensuring to blow up your creative power. Ranked high on the global hot list, the Mekong is home to many symbolic sights of the South East Asia like Angkor Wat, Halong Bay and Luang Prabang. Indochina travel Laos

Old Asia, New Asia

The Mekong in Laos
The Mekong in Laos – source:

Explore both old Asia and new Asia scrambling for space. Put Bangkok on your first stop, where you can get on the Skytrain to a modern luxury shopping mall, before joining in an elephant careering through the green tropical jungles in Cambodia. In the cities, the pace of life runs at a crazy speed, only linked with the infinite stream of motorbikes and call of business while life seems timeless in the countryside where the rural rhythms are still similar to this centuries ago, with pyjama-clad farmers tending the fields and monks walking through the streets in search of dole.

Join in an interminable journey north to Muang Sing along foggy mountain roads and tumid rivers colored caramel by the monsoon to enjoy the most relaxed place on earth. Inevitably, you will definitely want to return to this amazing region to enjoy the icons of Mekong life – plentiful temples, flaming green rice paddy fields, sparkling water buffalo, sugar palms and mangosteen fruits on full display. Mekong river cruise

The Spirit of the Mekong

Slow-paced life
Slow-paced life – source:

Satisfy your curiosity of adventure with some incentive activities in the lush jungle before unwinding on a gorgeous beach overlooking the South China Sea. Search more to conceive the panoramic picture of ethnicities and know more about their traditions and lifestyles. The people are inextinguishable, the experiences memorable and the stories impossible to create again, but sometime during your trip, the Mekong and its people will approach closer your mind. Go with the flow and allow the spirit of the Mekong to course through your veins.

A River Runs Through It

One of the greatest rivers in the world, the Mekong gyrates its way down from the foothills of Tibet to the South China Sea, encircling many of the most different backdrops in Asia. Its noticeable journey southward takes in faraway national parks and towering waterfalls in Laos, traditional towns as well as many modern cities in Thailand, freshwater dolphins and beautiful ancient temples in Cambodia and a needlework of jade greens in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam.

The Mekong delta in Vietnam
The Mekong delta in Vietnam – source:

Memorable Journeys

Even though, it is not always as easy as the brochures would have you expected, travelling in the Mekong region is as much about the journey as the destination. Float down the river by a traditional boat from Huay Xai to Luang Prabang, sailing through remote minority villages in a land that time omitted. Join in a bike tour to travel around the ancient temples of Angkor. Or discover the busy backstreets of old Asia by making use of the comfort of a cyclo (bicycle rickshaw). Experience some rough with the smooth for the real scents of the Mekong region.

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