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In recent years, Cambodia travel itinerary becomes more attractive to the traveler four winds by the mystery of Our Lady of Mekong. They each transmission is a magical thing: “There she is picked up from the Mekong River are sacred, anyone to ask what grace, she also gave”. Indochina tours Cambodia

And then, those traveling to Cambodia, combining the world explore the wonders of Angkor Wat and the Mekong Lady pilgrimage, held weekly 5th in Top Ten Travel has become one of the destinations for the gold who wants to come back to Mary to pray for blessings.

Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat – source:

Mary Mekong
Mary Mekong – source:

To Cambodia on a clear day, guests walk down the country roads you. Siem Reap swept eastward, tourist group we continue to explore the Lake, a place where pilgrims “want to not want to go”.

To the path to lake delving is worse, as far as the current city over the more sparse villages and poorer. The base “floor” cottage-style wading, simple roof-mounted leaf piles with simple tree, 2-3 m high and more than, instead of the homes built is fixed. With cottage-style structure as such, the new Lake residents are against the flood season, while reaching out to the vast Lake of water, dozens of times larger than the dry season.

Mekong River
Mekong River – source:

Sitting on a ferry of your country, tourists seem to have the same group we feel the same, like sitting on the yacht contemplated the Saigon River. Just 10 minutes across the river, according to the union turns, directions to the church Our Lady of Mekong.

No different from the churches in Vietnam are few, but it seems that every visitor in this group are carrying the spiritual things, aims to pray for peace every blessing for the family and loved ones. Because here, the native population had recovered the statue of “Mother” right beneath the vast Mekong River. Mother brings peace, to bring all the very best for the children coming to the country of origin of these Cambodian temples.

Then Mary Mekong far, far away from the neighboring kingdom, the four-day tour of the Top Ten Travel tourist group we have time to stop in an atmosphere of spiritual pilgrimage legendary Mekong upstream . I returned to Vietnam but still carrie a heavy heart that, It is also the fate that my soul has long been associated with your country.

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