Mui Ne – ideal destination for couples

No matter how your budget is, Mui Ne, which is appreciated as the resort capital of Vietnam, always offers travelers not only spectacular sceneries, great ambiance but also a good number of suitable options for them to select a resort to experience their real honeymoons. Indochina travel Vietnam

Mui Ne – ideal destination for couples
Mui Ne – ideal destination for couples-source:

Sometimes well known as the “resort capital in Vietnam”, Mui Ne is a perfect paradise for couples where they can enjoy the most meaningful honeymoon in Vietnam. Actually, they often consider among the most stunning windsurfing honeymoon places in Southeast Asia. Especially, you and your spouse will definitely be able to enjoy your private as it is not too crowded. You can opt for one of about 12 windsurfing centers in this destination. The Mui Ne harbor, mini-golf, Fairy Spring, the Red and White Sand Dunes are other interesting attractions and activities in Mui Ne. What makes Mui Ne a common tourist attraction in Vietnam is these most features including: sunny days, hollow beach and transparent water all year round.

Do not miss a chance to go to Mui Ne with your partner
Do not miss a chance to go to Mui Ne with your partner-source:

For your honeymoon in Vietnam, let’s opt for the Full Moon Village in Mui Ne, which offers accommodations with villa-style as a lovely hotel. In each villa, you can find king sized bed, a fully equipped kitchen, a mini bar, Jacuzzi, king sized bed and enjoy high speed wireless Internet access. As a whole, the resort supplies room service, water sport activities, BBQ facilities, personal beach, arrangements, a bar and pool and especially a free shuttle to Mui Ne.

For any couples who want to enjoy their romantic honeymoon tours, Rom Island (Hòn Ròm) is one of the most stunning destinations. It is likely that Phan Thiet (Phan Thiết – Mũi Né) is favored with a channel with rows of coconuts swaying on sound of waves and endless sand hills by Nature. In precious moments here, couples can keep on romantic feeling of love together.

The beauty of Mui Ne
The beauty of Mui Ne-source:

Maybe, contemplating rows of coconut along an arced-shape coast may be the most impressive thing to do when you are in here. Here you can see a beautiful image drawn by immeasurably high trees toward coast as if they express their strong vitality over storms and severe weather conditions. In addition to some crowded fishing ports with rich fish resources, this island also has magnificent landscapes, unspoiled beaches and fresh natural environment like Bai Sau (Bãi Sau), Bai Truoc (Bãi Trước) and Bai Dai (Bãi Dài). Boat Ho Chi Minh to Phnom Penh

Mui Ne-a romantic destination in Vietnam
Mui Ne-a romantic destination in Vietnam –source:

Spreading tens of kilometers with white sandy beaches towards the sea and steeps into clear blue water, Doi Duong beach in the northern area of Mui Ne, is well worth exploring. Elysium Hill, which is located to the west of Doi Duong (Đồi Dương) Beach, is particularly graced with incredibly natural beauty. You can enjoy a harmonious nuance as dream created by the colors of land mixed with blue seawater. Coming here, tourists could experience many interesting activities ranging from playing golf, ski sands, relaxing on sundecks to burning campfire. For couples who want to enjoy their honeymoon in Mui Ne, going fishing is another amazing suggestion. You two enjoying fresh fishes caught by your own hands while admiring the stunning Nature could be the most wonderful.

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