Tickets for activities on Cu Lao Cham

Cu Lao Cham is one of the most famous destinations in the Central of Vietnam. This is an island complex which consists of 8 islands with folk names such as Hon Lao, Hon La, Hon Mo and so on. Coming here, you will have chance to live in nature, deep into blue sea, walk on white sand and enjoy many special food. Therefore, why don’t you travel Cu Lao Cham on your holiday? speed boat from ho chi minh to phnom penh

The beauty of Cu Lao Cham in the sunset

Visiting Cu Lao Cham, besides seeing many beautiful natural landscapes, you can take part in many interesting activities such as explore the beach on high speed canoe, fishing squids at night, pitch the tent on the coast and so on. The followings are some information about the ticket for some exciting activities on Cu Lao Cham:

Tickets for hiring canoe from Cua Dai harbor to Cu Lao Cham

Getting to Cu Lao Cham by high speed canoe
Getting to Cu Lao Cham by high speed canoe -source: internet

Hiring canoe to travel to Cu Lao Cham from Cua Dai harbor is really an exciting way to get to this island complex, especially for high speed canoe. You will certainly have wonderful time on the canoe. There are some kinds of canoe for you to choose:

Kind of canoe Departure time Landing time Ticket price per one
18- seat canoe 8h 9h 300,000 Vietnam dong
20- seat canoe 8h 9h 300,000 Vietnam dong
25- seat canoe 8h 9h 290,000 Vietnam dong
36- seat canoe 8h 9h 230, 000 Vietnam dong

On the canoe, there are some extra services such as the lunch. It is about 150,000 Vietnam dong per set. Food served is special food of Cu Lao Cham. To know more information, please contact hotline: 0935.12.12.43.

Ticket for getting to Cu Lao Cham from Bach Dang harbor by wooden boat

Traveling to Cu Lao Cham by wooden boat
Traveling to Cu Lao Cham by wooden boat -source: internet

Besides canoe, wooden boat is also an interesting mean of transportation for you to get to Cu Lao Cham. The ticket for this is much cheaper. The traveling time is longer. Therefore, you will have more time to contemplate the natural beauty during the route. However, if you are easy to be boat sick, you shouldn’t. The ticket price for foreign tourists is 100,000 Vietnam dong per one. Moreover, if you want to bring along a motorbike to be convenient for traveling on the island, you have to pay extra cost. Normally, this cost can be 30,000 Vietnam dong per one. To get more details, you can contact the hotline: 0510.3.66.6333.

Go on foot under the sea

Going on foot under thGoing on foot under the sea on Cu Lao Chame sea on Cu Lao Cham
Going on foot under the sea on Cu Lao Cham- source: internet

Cu Lao Cham has just opened this service for some months. This is one of the most attractive services on this beautiful destination. You can have chance to go on foot under the sea. Your foot can touch the bottom of the sea. This will be really an unforgettable experience. When taking part in this service, you will wear a 32- kilogram hat. However, it is only 7 kilograms under the water. It helps you move easily under the sea. The ticket price for this exciting activity is 950,000 Vietnam dong per one. Best Indochina tours

Dive to see coral under the sea on Cu Lao Cham

Diving to see coral- an interesting activity on Cu Lao Cham
Diving to see coral- an interesting activity -source: internet

The most ideal destination for diving to see coral is Hon Dai. In this area, you can see and touch on the brilliant coral under the 3- meter depth. Corals in this area are also appreciated by many scientists. Coming here and diving under the see to contemplate beautiful corals will be an interesting experience for you. The ticket for this service is 150,000 Vietnam dong per one. If you have any question, please contact: 0915.677.099.

Traveling Cu Lao Cham and taking part in some exciting activities here will be certainly wonderful experience for you on our journey. Hope that you will have happy time .

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