Top dish in Tien Giang, Vietnam Mekong Delta

From the characteristics of favorable natural conditions, the Tien Giang has formed a cultural region bearing very own identity, including food culture is one of the attractive tourists everywhere. What ‘s soft chewy bread fiber, the sweet sound of water, the flesh sweet soft bitter blend into the sauce just right, not only offers appetite for food but also delicious flavor remains difficult diners forget once enjoyed. My Tho noodles is probably the number one gourmet cuisine in Tien Giang. Tours Indochina Vietnam

My Tho noodle
My Tho noodle

When processed with fiber noodles poache boiling water. Vegetables such as chives, lettuce, prices are displayed above , depending on the requirements of the food that owner can add bone, heart or seafood broth flooded chan. Sprinkle a little onion and pepper on top, you will enjoy a delicious bowl of noodles and fragrant to the exact rhythm of the western population. Mekong river tours

Tan Phong snail:

Screws lemon chili fish sauce a bit more ginger to warm the belly and deodorant fishy. With new hot boiled snails and always yellow nursery, greasy, meat sweet, crunchy without causing bored. In real gut often have many children as rice grains , especially in the breeding season as fat snails, sweet , crunchy chewing.

Tan Phong snail
Tan Phong snail

Tan Phong snail ceremonies can cook porridge available for real jelly, add onion, pepper and ginger fiber pieces to warm belly. Or also be processed into fat burning buildings garlic, coconut milk braised, roasted butter.

Add a little sip rice wine cat eyes, slightly warm air of the same wine as the taste of flavored snails domain western charming river.

Cake patch (bread prices)

Visit the kennel is not to be missed patch cakes made ​​from familiar ingredients like rice flour, tapioca starch, pork liver, sprouts. Fillings include sprouts, pork liver, shrimp is added in patch first and then add flour scoop that flooded the material.

Next, dip the patch into the boiling oil pan for the cake adhesive patch again and slowly pulled out and not wait for the bread browned. Pie and suites in rum crispy hear pangolin tongue. Fat Cai oil will be reduced by the cool and simple liquidation of vegetables and noodles, chili garlic sauce combines delicious cake.

Banh Va
Banh Va

The main dishes include banana banana-based scan only green ware, old and coconut. Processing steps and simple, not fussy, but require skillful and experienced.

For more attractive dish, it maybe a little sprinkled roasted peanuts to retire. Finally add a little vegetable variety for cake pieces, together with less human inclination banana coconut sweet and sour fish sauce.

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