Top food in Can Tho, Vietnam Mekong Delta

In addition to space immersed with water, do not forget to eat the local specialties while in Can Tho. Pizza noodle “Pizza” is called fried noodle cake. Before processing, dried noodle cake, marinated seasoning and pepper for flavor. Noodles for submerged in boiling oil pan, flip both sides to bread browned and sprinkle chopped green onion on top. Indochina holidays Vietnam

For more fat cake, many people even more coconut milk or meat juice and coconut water respects finely chopped. Pizza noodle often served with spicy tomato sauce or soy. Address hint: Lo Huai Sau noodles, area 7, An Binh Ward, Ninh Kieu District.

Vermicelli noodle pizza
Vermicelli noodle pizza

Mixed leaf “Banh Tet”:

 Banh Tet specialties leaf is mixed in Can Tho. Through the skillful hands of their home baker Huynh, “banh tet” simple moves become more attractive with purple leaves and shakes.

Fresh leaves are washed, cooked and filtered to collect water color cake. Pickled green beans and digestion. It is also brought mixed rice and coconut water mixed leaf, salt, sugar and fry on the stove for an hour to saturate the sticky seeds. Delicious cakes must be nylon rope, wood stove cooking, about 4-5 hours is nine. Address hint: Bakery Be in Binh Thuy market; Hoa Lo Resources in Enterprise Security market, Ninh Kieu District. Mekong river cruise Vietnam

“Banh tet”
“Banh tet”

Vietnamese pancake:

Many people believe that the name derives from the cake whenever pour batter into hot cast iron pan will hear a “pancake”. Kind used dump cake is coconut rice flour mix, add saffron and chopped scallions little blue create beautiful highlights. Fillings usually shrimp, pork, sprouts, tofu coconut tapioca roots or tubers. When eating, diners on the cake for many herbs, sweet and sour fish sauce.

Can Tho pancake
Can Tho pancake

Address hint: pancake Ten Xiem 13/3 road 917, Tra Noc Ward, Binh Thuy District; The sugar pancakes Saturday to Hang Bang Son, Cai Rang District.

Ball meat rolls:

 This dish is almost nowhere but each destination has to bring its own flavor, depending on eating habits. Can Tho baked rolls made from lean meats, and processed on the spot grilled over charcoal, served with raw vegetables, banana, cucumber … All books are in the cake, soy sauce or fish sauce grind lemon pepper garlic.

Ball meat rolls
Ball meat rolls


This is one of those delicious nutritious can help to save time. Inside the small bread, crispy rum is the greasy meat, fresh vegetables and tasty sauces. Tho people often prefer pieces nem rolls or barbecue do’s bread. Thus, when eaten, it has delicious taste of spring rolls and marinated meat carefully the specific material mix with sauce western sweet appear very clear.

I Love Vietnam.

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