Top food in Hau Giang, Vietnam Mekong Delta

Hau Giang is the province with its fertile land is the land potential for ecotourism, hick. It is also famous for many delicacies typical wetland.

Hau Giang is the province which was split from the former Can Tho province, thus the trading hub of the western provinces. To Hau Giang, you will admire the full beauty of the West River, where the smiles and the people supervising the post, spacious. Besides visiting here and there, to this land, you also enjoy the delicious specialties, exotic, even appealing to crush. Tours Indochina

Pasted fish:

As popular seafood in the Mekong Delta, fish live primarily in mining rush pools pond, lake, muddy, turbid water. Fish is processed into many dishes as fried with chilli, steamed, tart salad, fried fish, cabbage soup, pineapple and tomato warehouse with …

Simple and easy to do especially with chilli fried waterfall strabismus. Fish is cleaned, then salted lightly departed, MSG, pepper, finely chopped lemon grass for infiltration, then fried in a frying pan. When the fish turn yellow nursery, aroma blended with lemongrass, chilli rises is ripe. Mekong river cruise Vietnam

In addition, cross- grilled fish dishes also capture the sweet spread where the tongue with spicy sensation and taste of lemongrass, chili.

Pasted fish
Pasted fish

“Ngat” fish:

Being very dodgy fish, omnivorous and live in areas where deep water, even 2-3 m cave dwellers. So fishermen must meticulously to catch fish off and their taste is worth to try once.

Fish off can be processed into many dishes like grilled bananas , steamed , sour soup , braised or dry dishes served with scallion … However , the simplest is to Roll bananas seeds , grilled over charcoal pink to retain flavor. When you eat, you can incorporate all kinds of wild vegetables, put salt.

Braised dishes often fish off the meal of the West River people. The fish were cleaned, marinated with delicious sauce, a little sugar, pepper, chilli and olive Riu fire up stoves. Currently, fish is the specialty floral in bars, restaurants, priced from 70,000 to 120,000 VND per kg.

“Ngat” fish
“Ngat” fish

Sprout grower:

Sprout grower was rustic vegetable dishes in Hau Giang. This plant has curly leaves, folded, slightly sweet, aromatic, crispy, made for embedded fish off hotpot, eaten raw, mix vinegar with garlic sauce, soy sauce, fried shrimp, cork cotton sour soup …

Sprout grower
Sprout grower

Vegetable sprout grower fabric is chlorosis eat anywhere, picking new people, so long will lose sweetness. The dust sprout grower with long hose, leaf curl, barely fresh tasty unwind. The price of 10,000 dong a small bundle.

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