Top food in Soc Trang, Vietnam Mekong Delta

From vermicelli noodle soups to chicken salad:

Soc Trang noodle soups have fewer differences with some neighboring localities in the region. In the morning, the noodle bowl with everything: catfish, shrimp, silver, pork…, simpler, just the important key snakehead can cook soups pot. Indochina holidays Vietnam

But there are two indispensable as wormwood noodles and Prahok. Noodle is previously wild, after being one grown in home gardens as a spice. Khmer Prahok is made ​​of copper mixed with salt fish and cold rice.

To get the pot to make delicious soups snakehead fish over 0.5kg minimum copper, fish eggs are increasingly attractive due to floating scum broth pot of gold egg incubators, eye-catching. Fish cleaned, cut into two parts and tail: the guts to stick with the tastiest part.

Tep silver or boiled shrimp, remove shells. Add a few pieces of sliced ​​roast pork or fried fish fingers sized waterfall strabismus, honored the noodle bowl carp palatable. The soup can be cooked in fresh coconut water to add sweetness, for Prahok into pot of boiling broth. Mekong river tours Vietnam

Ai bun grilled charcoal fire briefly and released numerous original cooking crushed lemongrass followed. Skim thoroughly, until the water in the fish cleaned on.

Vermicelli noodle
Vermicelli noodle

Noodle soups are served with chopped spinach, sprouts, small cell banana, sliced ​​bananas … add little suitcase basil leaves, basil, chili red ripe sliced ​​croissant slanted, fish sauce or fish sauce semolina Lai Phu Son new National tuneful and increase flavor. This dish is showing interference is also innovative food culture among ethnic groups in the locality.

“My Xuyen” grilled beef:

The main ingredients of the dishes are delicious kind of lean beef, thinly sliced, marinated sweet flour, sugar, salt, chopped lemongrass, add toasted nuts shell clean … Eat Where to roast it.

Roll, noodle, indispensable slot, pineapple, banana, herbs, lettuce, salads … Sauce and elaborately processed seasoning sauce mixed with aromatic, finely minced lemongrass, chili…

Rice paper packet of vegetables, noodles and steak seasoning sauce is hot stars that dot attractions: the sweetness of the meat, the fat of fat, peanuts, banana sour of life, sour star fruit, pineapple, salty spicy seasoning sauce … intertwined, raised sight.

Grilled beef
Grilled beef

Bung Coc Porridge:

The center of the city not far from Soc Trang, Bac Lieu is heading to Bung Coc lands where many Khmer. Bung is pond, lowland Vietnamese toad is derived from Khmer kok.

Bung Coc is a land many days before the ponds, small ponds. Here, every morning before the bean fields planted onions trimmed or plowing the fields, people often feel free to cook porridge stomach lining.

Delicious rice porridge cooked with the kidneys, heart, liver, lung, sugarcane leaf of swine, in addition we also added to broth stomach, throat, bronchial … However, the uniqueness of porridge heart Bung Coc was processed pork sausages to eat together.

Bung Coc porridge
Bung Coc porridge

Tasty dish does not lack, as long as know the right place to find the right place to eat.

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