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While Myanmar is gradually opening, this country is still a very distinct place to travel than its Southeast Asian neighbors. Yangon, which is the largest city as well as the commercial center of Myanmar, is colorful and chaotic and is a feast for the senses. The Buddhist stupas, pagodas and temples, pagodas are some spectacular sights that the city has a lot to offer. Travel Indochina

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Safety tips in Yangon

It is safe to travel in Yangon
It is safe to travel in Yangon-source: www.worldnomads.com

Generally, there is no danger to travel in here. Compared with other big cities throughout the world, This city is extremely safe in term of crime. However, while walking on collapsing sidewalk tiles and walking on roadways, be careful of vehicles. There are many businessmen carry giant plastic bags full of cash down dark streets at night without meeting any problems. During the night in Yangon, there are plenty of unlit streets. You can even walk around this city day and night, but never having to feel the slightest bit of threat anywhere. It is not an excuse to not be cautious although the city really is quite safe. Avoid dressing ostentatiously as well as take other normal precautions. As wads of local Kyats can get a little bit big, it is not a bad idea to have two different wads of cash: 1 stash and 1 for immediate use.


Where you can use Internet in Yangon
Where you can use Internet in Yangon-source: phys.org

Located throughout the city of here, Internet café is where you can use Internet during your Yangon tour. However, you should never rely on their ability to provide adequate internet. The internet functions for a total of one day during your stay. It is popular for very sympathetic Internet shop owners to say that “sorry, the Internet is too slow that you cannot use it today.”

Guesthouse in Yangon

Chan Myae Guesthouse
Chan Myae Guesthouse-source: www.travelfish.org

There are some useful tips for you to consider if you manage to stay at a guest house during your Yangon tour.  There really are not as many guest house budget accommodation choices to opt for as one might think, in a city with the size of this city. It is nice to stay near the central Sule Paya Pagoda if you are just visiting Yangon for a few days. Expect to pay around $10 – $20 for a double room and from $5 to $8 for a dorm bed. cruise Mekong delta

Arrival International Airport

International Airport
International Airport-source:asiatrips.travel

It is likely that you will arrive at Yangon International Airport, a pleasant clean and cool airport. Customs should not take long as everyone already has their Myanmar visas. Yangon is different from other large cities in the world where taxi drivers will rush on you as soon as you get out of the airport door. There will be a few friendly and calm taxi drivers approaching you, all charging the same official rate ($10) to get into the city center of Yangon.

Since the rate is horrendous, similar to giving away your money, never exchange dollars to kyats at International Airport. Don’t rush to exchange money since taxi drivers in Yangon accept USD and take you to the city center from the airport at around $10. So you will not need any kyats until later.

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