Bau Trang – a “Sahara miniature desert” in Vietnam

Far about 65 km from the northeast of Phan Thiet, Bau Trang is located in Hong Lam village, Hoa Thang commune, and Bac Binh district. Visitors can travel to Bau Trang in two different ways. The first way is that if travelling from Hon Rom to Jeep, tourists go by cars along the way to Mui Ne, through Mui Ne market of Dong Hoi and continue to drive along the beach. The car runs about an hour from Mui Ne to Bau Trang. The second way is that from Phan Thiet City, travelers can go along Highway 1A to Luong Son to a fork, then turn right for about 18km across the up and down hills and through  the green coconut forest on the beautiful white sand dunes and go to the destination. Let’s explore Bau Trang with: Travel Vietnam and Indochina

Bau Trang
Bau Trang -source: internet

Long time ago, Bau Trang was formed from a large lake.  It is said by the word that to come across the huge lake, local people used the big sand boxes to open a path and divided the lake into 2 main parts: small and big lake. Do you why this is given name “Bau”.According to slang in here, “Bau” means lake; therefore, local citizens call the small lake by the name “Bau Ba” (grandmother’s lake) and the big lake by the name “Bau Ong” (grandfather’s lake). In addition, located at the middle of white sand dunes, Bau Ba is also known as Bau Trang (Trang means white) or Bau Sen at the time of lotuse’s flowering. Although it is seen as a miniature desert, sweet and fresh water in Bau Trang lakes contributes to reduce the hot air of endless sand dunes. It is a favourable condition for tourists to explore the romantic nature and gain the unforgettable moments here.

Visitors seem absolutely astonished when climbing up the sand dunes and seeing a sparkling silver lake in the brilliant sunlight and the pink lotuses flickering behind the green leaves. All create the dream-like natural landscape.

Lotuses in Bau Trang
Lotuses in Bau Trang- source: inetrnet

The lake is surrounded by white sand dunes with the natural sunlight and the wind, which is the highlight of the lake. Looking down from the top of the sand hills, you are likely not to take your eyes off the beauty of the calm lake surface dotted with sparkling pink of lotuses and the up and down smooth while sand dunes. jayavarman cruise mekong

Unspoiled Bau Trang with white sand dunes and gentle waves of the sea magically attracts more and more people who keep the beauty in their heart and take Bau Trang as an inspiration for their art.

Setting foot on Bau Trang, travelers may choose to wander around the sand dunes, take some memorable and glorious photos, go camping to immerse yourself into the nature. Rending a boat to go fishing and discover the beauty of Bau Trang is highly recommended.


Some professional photographers said that the best times to enjoy the beauty of Bau Trang and produce their art are in 5 a.m to 9 a.m and 4p.m to 6p.m. Let’s come here to find the answer for the question “why do they choose these times?”!

If you are adventure lover, don’t forget to rend a terrain motorbike and set up your own plan to travel from the sand dune to another. You will recognize how excited you are.

Exploring Bau Trang by terrain motorbike
Exploring Bau Trang by terrain motorbike -source: internet

Bau Trang is always a wonderful destination for someone reaching Mui Ne and the big fans of unspoiled nature. Let’s come here to explore in one time if you have a chance.

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