Discover Phu Quy Island, hot place to visit in the South Vietnam

On the tourist map, Phu Quy Island located off the coast of Binh Thuan is gradually becoming a hot destination in the South Vietnam. This tiny island with an area – nearly 16.4 km2, but it contains very many surprises. Ideally to explore the island is not nothing you rent a motorcycle supply of weapons across the coastal road. The rent motorcycles on the island from 100,000-150,000 VND / day, depending on vehicle quality. You can easily rent your car right at the hostel, by lodging facility on the island also comes with the service. The difference here is that although there was no sign of the island’s traffic police, but people here to abide by traffic laws seriously. Indochina tours

Phu Quy Island
Phu Quy Island – source:

Phu Quy island was voted top in the East Sea is not wrong by coming here results you get rid of all your troubles to immerse yourself in the “nuances” of the island’s private. Simple as brilliant sunset, beautiful as a canvas where embankments Five Phoenix, or relaxed on the beach with white sand stretches and winds generous. These waters have not been included in the tour operators so everything is pristine. Nature on the island provides a feeling of calm, relaxed, extremely suitable to rest, away from the hustle of the city. Islanders are very conscious of protecting habitats, beaches, piers are very clean and garbage rare.

Enjoy fresh water in Phu Quy Island
Enjoy fresh water in Phu Quy Island – source:

Sitting on a boat stroll through the small islands around the island you can see clearly in the blue of the sea here, clear to see the bottom level. The rent a small boat in the harbor for about 300000-400000 people co-option. Rich has nearly 30 cultural relics for various types of different faiths. But most striking is the An Thanh Van (of Chaoyang village, Tam Thanh) built in 1781 and is a “museum” on this island. Visit reinforced the exhibited at Van An Thanh Hai Nam, you will have chance to see whale skeletons nearly 20m long, this is one of the largest whale skeleton in Vietnam. Mekong river tours

Linh Son pagoda
Linh Son pagoda – source:

Phu Quy island terrain is relatively flat, there are not many high mountains Phu Quy lighthouse sits on top of the mountain is the highest point is forbidden. Want to conquer the lighthouse, visitors must walk, climbing more than 120 stone steps along the ridge about 200 meters and slippery passages. But climbing is tired, but tired on arriving suddenly vanish.

Sea food in Phu Quy Island
Sea food in Phu Quy Island – source:

From the lighthouse you will get panoramic panoramic island from above, and see the fishing boats run busiest sea. Or a giant wind turbine was built to generate electricity for the people on the island… On the way to the lighthouse you do not forget to visit Linh Buu Pagoda campus is spacious and airy, and there are questions hammocks for guests to rest.

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