Explore Vung Bau Beach, wonderful place must visit in Phu Quoc

Located in the northwest of Phu Quoc seems nestled between Mr. Lang and beach Long beach, Vung Bau Beach has a semicircle with a length of about 6km is quite wild, suitable for activities such as swimming, diving and kayaking. Vung Bau Beach, close to Duong Dong town about 20km. The easiest way to move to Vung Bau is you take the small road from the sea Ganh oil. Also called Vung Bau, this beach is also called semicircular due crescent of golden sand and unspoiled gorgeous. In particular, compared to other beaches like Sao Beach Phu Quoc, Long beach, park… Mr. Lang also Vung Bau beach is uncompressed. Tours Indochina

Vung Bau beach, Phu Quoc
Vung Bau beach, Phu Quoc – source: baomoi.com

Vung Bau quite nice, very blue sea in the rainy season and the dry season, especially standing from this beach you can see the island panoramic Nail. Vung Bau pretty wild, there are beaches around the plant floor intact together as woody plants, palm trees, ocean or coconut scattered everywhere. Due to the slope of the beach is insignificant Vung Bau very safe for families with young children and those who do not know how to swim. When bathing occasionally you can come across the starfish, conch and a few sea urchins on sand. Vietnam travel packages

You an relax on the beach
You an relax on the beach – source: dulichphuquoc.com

Besides swimming, guests rent a kayak from the nearby resort island and move to Nail. Or if you know how to swim, you can swim to the island from south Nail’s Vung Bau resort located in Mai Phuong Resort. Nail in stone you can scuba dive and fish coral, water is in and pleasant. But the coast is still relatively unspoiled Vung Bau beach area but also some mining concessions tours so visitors can stay here overnight as standard hotel, resort and experience the activities for tourists such as fishing, snorkeling, night squid fishing. Rents boat snorkeling island will range from 700,000 – 1,000,000 VND / person. Do not have many restaurants so eating problems, you can choose the services of the motels in the area with prices ranging between 100,000 VND / meal / person, and BBQ grill, seafood buffet will have a range of 250,000 VND / cool.

This is a bungalow you could stay
This is a bungalow you could stay – source: news.zing.vn

Like all the beaches located along the west side of Phu Quoc, Vung Bau sunsets make you admired and voyeuristic in nice weather days.

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