Flavourful wraps for a taste of Ho Chi Minh City

Sharing the only similarity in the large amount of green ingredients, the dishes below are preferred snacks of many Saigonese, thanks to their delicious and healthy take. Indochina tours in Vietnam

Bò bía – Vegetables and Chinese sausage wrap

Bò Bía
Bò Bía – source: youtube.com

A typical cart selling “bo bia” is very simple, as the elements are humble to say the least: jicama cut into string, many kinds of herb, Chinese sausage and dried minced pork. In most every corner of Ho Chi Minh City, you can find these sellers pushing their carts out. Both dining on the street and buying couple rolls for the midday snack are possible. With its seemingly little nutrition filling, it is possible for you to take quite a number before knowing too late that you have just enjoyed your dinner. The dipping sauce may have something to do with that pointlessness: it is a yellow colored mix of the branded sauce with nose-tempting fried garlic and brittle exquisitely roasted peanuts.

Gỏi cuốn – Fresh summer rolls

Gỏi cuốn
Gỏi cuốn – source: hungryhuy.com

Goi cuon, the stunning dish in Ho Chi Minh City is a fresh snack often made en dollop and served cold. There is no farther need to describe the incredibly taste of goi cuon, with its sweet fresh whole shrimp and the biting touching of pork. It is one amazing bite for an entire life. Travel to Vietnam

Dipping sauce is divided into two types, but the way to forget the soul-defining peanut butter sauce for the popular fish sauce depends on one’s imagination. It is not an exaggeration that goi cuon manages to pack in for all the goodness, it is the peanut sauce carrying the soul of the dish. It brings out the light in the soft cells, opens up all the flavors and harmonies all that is onto a match made in paradise.

Thịt luộc cuốn bánh tráng – Trang Bang rolls

Trang Bang rolls
Trang Bang rolls – source: kienthuc.net.vn

It happens elsewhere, but magic exists in the small forgotten town of Trang Bang, Tay Ninh province. Coming to this town, no travelers can forget trying Trang Bang rolls, and they may be even the only goal of many people to come in the first place. Still being more popular in the southern land as many of the ingredients are only native here, these rolls are completely simple to make. Thin slices of lean pork, various kinds of herb and the famous wrap from which the rolls are named are all included in these rolls. Trang Bang folks are thought to know best way to make the best rice wrapping, and their secret recipe is kept under watchful eyes.

To tell to truth, all ingredients of the dish are rather dull and nothing to get attracted for. If consumed separately, some herbs are even almost unsavory. But putting all of them into an accomplished roll, the harmony opens up all the senses! It is an unforeseen explosion that seems to wake up even the long-sleeping taste sprouts. It is as if the step to another side of those unused nerves has been blown up, unable to stand the force of the stream of slaver.

I Love Vietnam.

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