Things to do in Mekong river Laos

The Mekong River begins from the Tibetan plateau and flows through some Asia country, before emptying into the Mekong sea. The sightseeing route by river between countries as to Siem Reap (Cambodia) to explore this land ruins or visit the busy market Crude City (Vietnam) always attract visitors. Travel Indochina Laos

Vi vu Mekong river region will be attracted by the beauty of life of local residents with friends villages by doing some interesting things.

  1. Enjoy foods:

Lao cuisine is quite simple and equally diverse countries in the region, could name typical dishes such as grilled chicken, Greek, sausage, pork roast, fish steamed in banana leaves, chicken (fish) cooked me , boiled vegetables, vegetables, rice (sticky rice) … There are also other dishes such as grilled chops, meat rolls and sour fish … All flavors both traditional and modern.

Luang Prabang food market selling rice, flattened flat stick plugged in, a great visionary grilled banana, a new approach known as sweet rice. Dip in egg or in a dark brown solution did not know what it was toasted.

Delicious food
Delicious food

One other delicacies as grilled meat, served with sticky rice very well. Pork, Bovine marinated then grilled (apparently there are more drying). Tasty but quite hard, a bit like eating dried beef sold in Saigon Administration. The salads are distant Thai dishes, the most popular is Mekong delta.


Laos people love fish sauce, the population is characterized by the Mekong. Apart from that there are many kinds of fish market fish in markets in the West. There are two kinds of sauce tasted a buffalo skin type.

Native people like to eat sticky rice special. Once cooked, the food will hold the rice into small cubes, then put into the sauce separately and use your hands to eat. This rustic way of eating, according to the Lao people, who eat fresh feel all the aroma and natural sweetness of each grain.

Rice, rice is typical of the kind of Laos and some ethnic minorities in Asia, and Central Highlands of Vietnam. Rice, cooked rice, the food is being Laotians, specially rice. Get the rice put in a bamboo tube one open end, then use a banana leaf.

  1. Scenery:

We can say, Vang Vieng is the beautiful paradise that a lot of tourists want to explore. With a beautiful scenery is deliberated the second most in Laos, Vang Vieng riverside town where the young people joined in the rapids.

Vang Vieng
Vang Vieng

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