Tips for taking buses in Hanoi

Thanks to the advantage of the low cost and the convenience, travelling by bus in Hanoi has gradually become more and more popular in Hanoi. For anyone who wants to experience the real Hanoi and travels on a budget, bus is certainly a worth considering selection. Indochina tours Vietnam

Bus inside Hanoi-
Bus inside Hanoi- Source:

How can you recognize the bus in Hanoi?

Having the typical paint of three main colors: yellow, red and white all buses in Hanoi are very eye-catching. You can see a number visible in front of the bus, in red and centered in a white circle.

With the signal of blue boards which show the detailed routes for the bus lines, the bus stops are situated along the streets. There are also the city map and all the other routes at the major bus stops. From 5.00 a.m. until 9.00 p.m, bus is available every 5-15 minute.

Ticket price of bus in Hanoi

You needn’t worry about price if you choose bus as your mode of transportation in the city! The price of bus ticket pretty cheap and seems to keep stable for such a very long time.

Interprovincial Bus
Interprovincial Bus- Source:

Depending on the distance of the route, the price of a bus ticket varies. For a bus ride throughout Hanoi capital city, you have to pay VND3000. It costs you VND5000 to take buses number 07 and 17 getting to the airport while the fare of buses going to nearby provinces ranging from VND15000 to VND25000.

They write clearly along the window of each bus the price of the ticket as the small line with red letters. You can entirely forget your concern about being overcharged as the price is the same to everyone, both locals and foreign travelers.

Each ticket can be used only one time during one route. While you are on the bus, in case of a random inspection, do not forget to keep your ticket. You have to pay in cash when purchasing tickets directly from the conductor on bus. For any travelers who are planning to travel by bus, it is highly recommended to bring small notes to avoid any inconvenience for both the ticket seller and yourself. Vietnam holidays

Be a “professional” passenger

Bus to airport
Bus to airport- Source:

While using bus in Hanoi, you may definitely encounter some problems. During the peak hours, from 6.30 to 8.00 a.m. and 4.00 to 7.00 p.m. all buses can be very crowded, mainly with students who use the bus the most regularly. The rush hours will also make for such very jammed streets, which make the traffic get stuck and cripple giant-sized buses in an endless stream of motorcycles. During these hours, especially when you are in a hurry, it is strongly advised to not travel by bus.

Moreover, try your best to make the way to the back door, as the bus approaches your intended destination. You can ask the driver to use the front door, if the bus is too crowded to pass through. Since bus drivers in Hanoi are atrocious for barely pulling over and making a stop for a very short amount of time, take a deep breath and prepare for a very fast move. If you cannot get out of the bus as quickly as possible, you may even enjoy one kilometer walk back from the next stop.

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