Top food in Ben Tre, Vietnam Mekong Delta

Mix Banana:

Dishes are made ​​from coconut characterized not only was her favorite dish of his favorite snacks but also the nostalgia of those away from home. Bananas beating pretty hard to find, often only sold in the street carrying goods off the road. Bananas are selected must be green banana peel just moved Siamese gold, western people call “the nine direction of the direction.” If the option is grilled on banana ripening process was flabby, not tasty. Indochina travel Vietnam

Once peeled, slice ​​banana is beating on flat plastic bags and place on the grill until golden switching to color and aromatic flavor. Grilled bananas are dotted with thick coconut milk, stomach lining every dish is very interesting afternoon.

Banana in Ben Tre
Banana in Ben Tre

Snail rice pancakes

Pancake dishes are no longer strangers to the South but snail rice pancakes are specialties of alcohol Phu Da (Cho Lach District – Ben). This alcohol is one of the rare places in the West where the number of breeding snails largest rice. Annually, rice snails thrive most in 4-5 lunar months, but snail rice peaked in number to enter the Dragon Boat Festival. Mekong river tours

White rice snail meat, fat and aromatic dish is often prepared Fried Rice Building and Human pancakes instead of shrimp, meat. Screws with thinly sliced ​​onions are sautéed and then cooked filling, Roll with herbs as mustard, lettuce, sprout mother belongs ….taste very different. When the snails eat the sweet feeling, and in close proximity to the smell of vegetables that diner just want to eat forever without getting bored.

White rice snail pancake
White rice snail pancake

Sliced ​​bread soup powder

West is the country of sliced ​​bread soup powder, other regions also known as rice flour noodles. Ultimately, the main raw material is powdered cake. To make dough sliced ​​bread soup, the cook must be rolling out cutting board and cut each slat should put pot pie soup called dough thinly.

Sliced ​​bread soup powder
Sliced ​​bread soup powder

Cake flour soup is usually wheeled duck thinly dotted with ginger sauce. In many places people cook young shrimp or dried shrimp to fresh water more. First milky broth created from rice flour makes bread soup powder and chopped hard to get to the other types. In Saigon and some other provinces are also popular dishes but sparse. When sliced ​​bread flour soup in Ben Tre, do not forget to call greasy bowl of sticky blood.

If you have a chance to visit Ben Tre, you should try some top dish below.

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