Is this worth doing a Mekong river day tour?

Famous for being a vast maze of rivers, canals, floating houses, and fruit orchards, the Mekong Delta has become a must-see destination for Vietnam Travel. Hence, many travelers want to spend at least 2–3 days in the Delta to make the most of this unique place. But if you only have a day to fit for Mekong Delta tours from Ho Chi Minh City, is this worth taking a Mekong River day tour? Yes, definitely, you will have the opportunity to experience various memorable activities.

mekong river day tour
Mekong Delta is famous for being a vast maze of rivers, canals, floating houses, and fruit orchards

What can you expect from a Mekong River day tour?

Visit the fruit orchards and taste the fresh local specialties

Surrounded by canals with rich fertility from the Tien River, the fruit orchards have become a huge provider of fruits, not only for domestic supply but for export as well.

Though travelers can visit these tropical fruit orchards all year round, it is better to travel in the summertime from May to August. This is the harvest season for Lo Ren star apple, Hoa Loc mango, Binh Hoa Phuoc rambutans, Nam Roi pomelo, and many other regional fresh fruits. Do not forget to visit Cai Be, Vinh Long, or Vinh Kim Orchard, they are all big fruit baskets in the Mekong Delta.

Staying inside the orchards, you may have the chance to taste the tropical fruits with the honey raised inside the garden of each family. 

Phong Dien floating market in Mekong delta
Mekong Delta floating markets with busy and colorful buying and selling activities

Take a cycling tour around the village

After relaxing for a while, you will start to wander around the village on the islet on a bicycle, which is one of the most interesting things to do for any traveler. This is not only a way to practice some exercises after a long bus ride but also a chance to be immersed in the rustic atmosphere of the countryside. 

A curved bridge to connect two sides of the river, a fishing net for the daily work of local farmers, a monkey bridge made of bamboo and organic materials, and lush green fruit orchards are what you can expect throughout your ride. 

Sometimes, you will feel so excited to hear the local kids’ voices of “Hello”, and “Hi” which is really friendly and memorable. 

Cycling tour in Mekong delta
Take a cycling tour around the village

Explore the small canals on a hand-rowed sampan

Sailing on a traditional hand-rowed boat sampan under the shadow of water coconut trees is very peaceful and relaxing. What’s an escape from the bustle and hustle of the big cities? You can join a hand with the local boatmen, as there is a paddle already placed inside the boat. Though the ride only lasts for 10-15 minutes, it becomes the top thing to do when you are in the Mekong Delta.

sampan tour
Sailing on a traditional hand-rowed boat sampan under the shadow of water coconut trees

Visit the coconut processing workshop

When touring Ben Tre – a kingdom of coconut, you may be dropped by a coconut candy-making workshop. From there, you can see the full procedure of making a small sweet bar of coconut milk candy from the raw material of fresh coconut. After the candy just comes out from the oven, do not hesitate to taste the hot pieces of sweet and greasy coconut as you will love it and continue the next bite. 

coconut workshop in Ben Tre
A coconut candy-making workshop in Ben Tre

Enjoy delicious local lunch on the islets/onboard

A trip will be not perfect if you do not try the specialties of the place you visit. With the huge advantage of rivers and canals, the main ingredient for meals is mainly from the water.

You can try the deep-fried fish in a roll of vegetables, rice noodles, grilled prawns, sweet and sour soups of fish, and fresh vegetables, such as the morning glory of the gardens on the islets. 

local lunch
Enjoy delicious local lunch on the islets

What are the best options for the Mekong River day tour?

Mekong River half-day tour

  • Visit Floating Markets: Prepare to be enchanted by the lively ambiance of the floating markets that dot the Mekong River. Experience the vibrant energy as boats laden with fresh produce and local delicacies converge. Cai Rang floating market is the biggest and the most vibrant one while Phong Dien floating market offers you an authentic glimpse of Mekong Delta trading culture.
  • Cycling and walking tour: For those seeking an active and immersive experience, cycling or walking tours along the Mekong River provide the perfect opportunity to delve deeper into its beauty. Pedal or stroll along the riverbanks, uncovering hidden gems, and engaging with the locals up close.

Mekong River 1-day tour

  • Normally, travelers can choose classic tours by road transfer from Ho Chi Minh City to My Tho, less touristy Ben Tre. The provinces can be easily reached after a 1.5 – 2-hour drive. Therefore, you may expect to start a day at 08:00 and return to your hotel at 16:00–17:00 on the same day.
  • For those seeking off-the-beaten-track experiences, head to Vinh Long, home of fruit orchards and local handicraft workshops such as rice popcorn workshops, rice paper-making houses, traditional rice cake houses, etc. You can be deeply interested in having hands-on experiences when interacting with the locals in a rustic atmosphere without too many boats. 
  • Scenic Mekong River Cruise: As you embark on a scenic Mekong River cruise, a realm of tranquility unfolds before your eyes. Glide along the gentle currents, choosing from a variety of cruise options, including traditional boats and modern cruises.

Suggested Mekong Delta tours

Let’s plan your Vietnam tours to the Mekong Delta and have a great Mekong Delta day trip with our hospitable and friendly locals.

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